Pakistani Embassy will be removed?

324 BNPJamaat alliance 0 Shipping Minister Shahjahan Khan nasakatake comment Pakistani conspiracy, the Pakistani Embassy official has been removed. Stop the ongoing violence in the country may be required to remove the Pakistani embassy.

At a press conference held at the National Press Club on Wednesday, the strike could not block the government response to a question, he said that reporters.

The strikeblockade burnburn, murder and terror at the press conference was organized to prevent chaos, laborer,Professional,Freedom Coordination Council.

Host organization caller Shahjahan Khan, Pakistani cycles to remove the dirt to create anarchy in the country. The government is working to counter terrorism. The violence and the government is not alone sarayantra public to come forward.

Written statement, the minister said the opposition alliance drawn Amazon blockade public transport workers over 21 people were killed. 0. Most of the opposition does not recognize the independence of Bangladesh. Pirates of the liberation war to avenge the defeat led to the destruction of the country are playing.

By eliminating the independence and sovereignty, democracy, protecting culprits sbamuleশ্laborer,Professional,Freedom Coordination Council determined. To this end, the organization announced on behalf of the Minister.

Saturday 5 February desabyapi,,laborer,Professional,BusinessmanFreedom People from all classes during the quarter, from 1 pm until 1 am standing on the street in front of their organizations will protest against terrorism. 1pm at the road, water and relasaha all vehicles will protest a minute horn blew Shahjahan Khan said.

He Feb 7 at 3pm Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA), the National Convention will be held in the auditorium of the building. The greater the mass movement will be announced at the convention, he said.